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Environment 2024 from 8 to 11 September 2024 in Gießen and Homberg (Ohm)

SAVE THE DATE. The date for the environment in 2024 has been set! The Conference will take place from September 8th to September 11th, 2024 in Gießen and Homberg (Ohm). The Conference is our joint annual conference with the SETAC GLB, non-members are also cordially invited.

In addition to the classic sessions in the lecture hall, as was the case 10 years ago, a field day is planned where methods can be demonstrated and discussed in practice. It is also possible to demonstrate your own methods. Further information on how to get involved will be available in due course at https://www.setac-glb.de/tagung-2024. If you would like to get involved in the scientific committee, please contact Stefan Hahn.

We look forward to a lively participation from the Division and hope to meet you in Gießen and Homberg (Ohm). Registration and subsequent abstract submission is possible here: https://www.setac-glb.de/tagung-2024/registrierung.

Environment 2023 from 11.-13. September 2023 in Muttenz (Switzerland)

Save the Date: Environment 2023 - Together against global pollution: education and research for clean solutions

Chemicals play an important part in the fact that many people today enjoy a high standard of living. Achievements are, for example, in medicine, agriculture and the production of goods. However, this very widespread use of chemicals in modern societies comes at a price: all kinds of chemicals are found in air, water, soil, organisms and people – close to human activities, but also in the most remote areas of the world. It is becoming increasingly clear that in the Anthorpocene, chemicals are helping to cross planetary boundaries.

What effects do different chemicals have on people, organisms and entire ecosystems? To answer this question, suitable methods must be developed, optimized and applied, with which we can achieve reliable results at various levels.

Risk assessments are carried out and communicated on the basis of this data - with the aim of avoiding or repairing damage. However, when looking at the past and the current global situation soberly, doubts arise as to whether our current approaches will continue to be sufficient in the future to avoid further negative effects and to enable action that is adequate on a global scale.

In order to make this possible, applied solutions must be developed in cooperation with all stakeholders. As the degree of global networking and complexity increases, so does the need for networked thinking and for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary cooperation in order to be able to offer suitable solutions.

In this sense, the joint annual conference of the SETAC GLB and the GDCh Division of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology in Muttenz in 2023 is characterized by common ground: We want to promote networking and the training of experts so that sustainable solutions against global environmental pollution are our future.

If you would like to participate in the scientific design of the Conference , you will find further information here: www.setac-glb.de.

Environment 2022: 06./07.09.2022 in Emden

After two years without personal meetings of the Division , the annual conference "Environment 2022" took place from September 5th to 7th, 2022 at the Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences in Emden under the motto "Butene and inland - material cycles in the air / in the sea / on land". . The scientific program was again jointly designed by the GDCh Division of Environmental Chemistry & Ecotoxicology and the SETAC GLB. The Conference focused on material cycles, "Buten und Binnen" means something like "outside and inside".

Impressions of the annual conference can be found in the Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 4/2022 of the Division.

Annual meeting flyer

Environment 2021: Anthropogenic substances in a changing world - assessment put to the test of reality

Download the flyer

The Conference ?Environment 2021? will take place on 7./8. September 2021 will take place virtually. The motto of the Conference is ? Anthropogenic Substances in a Changing World - Assessment Put to the Test of Reality ?. The scientific program is designed jointly by the GDCh Division of Environmental Chemistry & Ecotoxicology and the SETAC GLB. Many thanks also to the working groups that have already contributed to this.

We look forward to many exciting contributions from our Divisions members and hope that we may also meet at the informal get-together at ?Environment 2021?!

Environment 2020

The Environment 2020 Conference had to be canceled due to the corona pandemic or postponed to 2021.

Environment 2018: September 9-12, 2018 in Münster

"Environment 2018" is being organized at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster with the support of the Division and the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry - German Language Branch (SETAC GLB). The topics of the Conference include new analysis techniques and methods as well as their applications in environmental chemistry and ecotoxicological context, the occurrence and behavior of pollutants and trace substances in surface water, groundwater, soils, sediments and air, their accumulation, transformation and effect on terrestrial and aquatic organisms, taking into account various mechanisms of action and test procedures as well as concepts of assessment and regulation (e.g. . B. revaluation of PAHs in the amendment of the Federal Soil Protection Act). More conference Homepage

Annual conference 2016: September 5-8, 2016 in Tübingen

Lots of substances - big risk?
Annual conference 2016 with the SETAC GLB

How relevant are trace substances for humans and the environment? This question was at the center of the interesting specialist event. The Division specially organized the session: "Coals and coal-like substrates - behavior in the environment and binding of pollutants"

ICCE 2015: September 20-25, 2015 in Leipzig

15 EuCheMS International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment
The most important Conference on environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology, the ICCE (2013 in Barcelona, 2011 in Zurich and 2009 in Stockholm) took place in Leipzig in 2015 with the participation of the Division and replaced the separate annual conference.

Annual conference 2014: September 7-12, 2014 in Giessen

"Research the basics, apply findings, impart knowledge"
?Courage to take risks? must have been the guiding principle of the hosts of this year's annual environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology conference in Gießen, Prof. Rolf-Alexander Düring and Prof. Klaus Peter Ebke, when they decided to move on from the previous one To deviate from the conference concept based on lectures and posters and to allow one day for practical demonstrations in the form of outdoor sessions. The courage was rewarded with a positive response from the almost 300 registered conference participants. More Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 4/14

"City, Country, River: Ecotoxicology in Urban Areas", September 23-26, 2013 in Essen

The planned annual meeting of the GDCh Division in Wuppertal had to be canceled at short notice due to the low number of registrations. The Board of the Division was therefore very grateful that the Essen colleagues spontaneously offered to accept the GDCh colleagues who had registered their contributions for Wuppertal. Thus, the number of registrations, which also fell slightly at SETAC GLB, could be filled by the additional GDCh contributions.
More Mitt. Umweltchem Ökotox 4/13

Annual conference 2012: September 10-13, 2012 in Leipzig

From 10.-13. September 2012, more than 200 scientists met for the 5th joint annual meeting of SETAC GLB and the GDCh Division of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig, which was held under the motto "Recognize, examine, model - From the benefit of understanding ?.
More Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 4/2012

ICCE 2011: September 11-15, 2011 in Zurich

Participation in the 13th European environmental chemistry conference of EuCheMS, ICCE

Instead of a conventional annual conference or a joint Conference with SETAC, the Division took part in the 13th European environmental chemistry Conference of EuCheMS, ICCE in 2011. The main organizer of the ICCE is the Division of Chemistry and the Environment of EuCheMS. On the part of the Division , Thomas Knacker and Gerhard Lammel were members of the Organizing Committee. In 2011 this conference was the European version of the annual meeting.

"Environment 2010": September 6-9, 2010 in Dessau-Roßlau

4. Joint annual meeting with SETAC-GLB
Environment 2010 - From knowledge to decision

With the Federal Environment Agency, an authority has taken over the organization of the conference for the first time and has proven that it is just as capable of this task as the previous academic organizers. The Division publication prize was also awarded at the Conference . To come to the fore: The local organizing committee has provided this proof, which in view of around 350 participants and around 100 lectures could not have been easy. This was not only due to the exemplary organization and the diverse supporting program, but also to the inspiring atmosphere of the conference building - the UBA headquarters in Dessau. More Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 4/2010

Annual conference 2009: September 23-25, 2009 in Trier

Following the broad-based conference orientation, many aspects of the entry, behavior and effects of chemicals in water, soil and air were dealt with in around 70 lectures and over 60 posters. The topics "Monitoring and measuring networks", "Environmental specimen banks", "atmospheric chemistry chemistry, tropospheric aerosol", "Soil pollution" and "Environmental analysis" emerged as key areas.
More Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 4/2009

Annual conference 2008: September 23-26, 2008 in Frankfurt am Main

"New problem substances in the environment - recording, effects, solutions"
3. Joint annual meeting of SETAC-GLB and GDCh Division of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology

The overarching motto of this year's Conference was "New problem substances in the environment - detection, effects and possible solutions". The focus was, for example, on pharmaceuticals, perfluorinated chemicals, pesticides and nanoparticles. ?New problematic substances? are considered to be substances that have either been introduced into the environment for a short time or have been present in the environment for decades and have only recently been perceived as problematic. The 300 participants from both societies demonstrated in an impressive way how important this topic is. More Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 4/2008

Annual conference 2007: October 26-28, 2007 in Osnabrück

"From chemodynamics in ecosystems to substance evaluation. Methods, concepts and evaluations in the service of sustainable development"

The annual conference spanned a range from material conversions in individual environmental compartments to material evaluation and from local to global problems. In around 60 lectures and almost 70 poster contributions, the 180 participants presented and discussed methods, concepts and evaluations. The scientific committee chaired by Professor Dr. Michael Matthies, Institute for Environmental Systems Research at the University of Osnabrück. More Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 4/2007

Annual conference 2006: October 04-06, 2006 in Halle (Saale)

From the "end of pipe" strategy to sustainability

The Division conference took place on the premises of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. In contrast to previous years, it was not a meeting of several Divisions or a lecture block within the GDCh annual conference, but an independently organized event. The range of topics was broad in order to be able to take into account as many current developments as possible in the field of environmental and pollutant research as well as sustainable chemistry and consumer protection. The leitmotif "The modern man in the ecosphere and technosphere" followed on from the tradition of earlier events. More Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 4/2006

Annual conference 2004: October 06-08, 2004 in Aachen

2. Joint annual meeting with SETAC-GLB
"Finding Boundaries, Overcoming Boundaries - Molecular Mechanisms and Ecosystem Processes"

The colorful and interdisciplinary offer with 85 posters and 75 lectures provided a comprehensive overview of current environmental pollutant research and attracted 280 participants to the imperial city of Aachen (located in the triangle between Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium). Fortunately, the Dutch scientific organizations KNCV-MC (Royal Dutch Chemistry Society - Environmental Chemistry Section), VVM (Netherlands Association of Environmental Professionals), NVT-MT (Dutch Toxicology Society - Environmental Toxicology) and the European association FECS ( Federation of European Chemical Societies and Professional Institutions) in the design of the conference program. 30 scientists from other European countries took part in the mixed English and German-speaking Conference . More Mitt Umweltchem Ökotox 4/2004.

Annual conference 2003: October 7-8, 2003 in Munich

Chemistry, toxicology and the Environment

Within the GDCH annual conference in 2003 in Munich, the Division with the content of three half-days (Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning and afternoon). The subject of the event was "Chemistry, toxicology and Environment" in order to include current developments in the field of molecular toxicology and at the same time to take into account the current discussion within the Division on a stronger integration of toxicological issues and their relation to environmental chemistry . More releases 4/2003

Annual conference 2002: October 6-8, 2002 in Braunschweig

1st joint annual meeting with the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC, German Language Branch):
"Research and development in the service of environmental and consumer protection"

In addition to overview lectures, a large number of lectures and posters on the topics: "Ecosystem and material flow analysis / modeling", "Consumer protection / toxicology", "Aquatic and terrestrial systems (I - environmental monitoring, II - biocidal chemicals, III - Ecotoxicological test systems "," Atmosphere / climate "," Risk assessment / risk minimization "(I, II), as well as"sustainable chemistry, technology and training "will be presented.

In terms of scientific success and in view of the joint activities of the three participating scientific societies, the TU Braunschweig, the BBA and the FAL, the annual conference can be assessed as very successful and future-proof.
Werner H. Hauthal

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