Events of the GDCh Division of Electrochemistry


The "Electrochemistry" conference series is organized every two years by the GDCh Division of Electrochemistry in cooperation with the companies DGO, GfKORR, AGEF, DECHEMA, DBG and the Working Group Electrochemical Analytical Methods (AK ELACh) of the GDCh Division of Analytical Chemistry :

GDCh Science Forum Chemistry 2023 (September 4, 2023; Leipzig)

Understanding of electrochemical processes, materials and transformations
Chairs: Nicola Aust, Christoph Gütz


  • On the role of pseudocapacitive metal oxide transformations for electrocatalytic activity (J. Linnemann, Bochum)
  • Exploring the space charge layer properties in solid Li+-ion conductors (A. Bandarenka, Garching)
  • Scanning (electrochemical) probe microscopy for studying interfacial processes: from antimicrobial surfaces to light-driven catalysis (C. Kranz, Ulm)

GDCh Science Forum Chemistry 2021 (31 August 2021; online)

The best storage is chemistry (together with the GDCh Division of Chemistry & Energy)
Claudia Weidlich, Wolfgang Schrader


  • The future of batteries for a climate neutral energy system (DU Sauer, Aachen)
  • Hydrogen: from chemistry to energy (M. Hölzle, Ulm)
  • Hydrogen-based energy sources (A. Schaadt, Freiburg)
  • tba (K. Westphal)

S. Bräuninger, C. Weidlich


  • Young Scientist Award 2020: Understanding high entropy alloy complex solid-solution electrocatalysts by correlating multi-element design with activity curves (T. Löffler, Bochum)
  • Young Scientist Award 2021: Merging Shuttle Reactions and Paired Electrolysis for Reversible Vicinal Dihalogenations (JL Röckl, Stockholm/SE)

Electrochemistry - everything flows
J Kintrup, M Özaslan, C Roth, C Weidlich


  • Electrolysis Now – or Never (G. Hilt, Oldenburg/DE, S. Waldvogel, Mainz/DE)
  • Electrolysis Now - or Never (S. Waldvogel, Mainz/DE)
  • Low Cost Redox Flow Batteries for Renewables – Material Challenges and System Design (M. Peither, Munich/DE)
  • Metal-free redox flow batteries: Energy storage for a carbon-neutral society (T. Janoschka, Jena/DE)

GDCh Science Forum 2019 (September 15-18, 2019; Aachen)

Tuesday, 09/17/2019


  • 3D cell components for Li/S batteries (M. Opitz, Schwäbisch Gmünd/DE)
  • On the Air Electrode Architecture of Lithium Oxygen Batteries (J. Küpper, Aachen/DE)
  • Methods for Controlling Porosity and Electronic Structure of Nanoporous Carbon Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion (M. Oschatz, Potsdam/DE)
  • Influence of Extended Defects on the Electroreduction of Ternary Metal Oxides (C. Rodenbuecher, Jülich/DE)
  • Polymer Bound DuBois-type H 2 -Oxidation Ni-catalysts are Protected within Specifically Designed Redox Polymers (A. Ruff, Bochum/DE)
  • Dynamic modeling of an electrochemical pH control with liquid-liquid extraction in succinic acid fermentation (M. Gausmann, Aachen/DE)
  • Presentation and lecture of the advancement Young Scientist Award of the FG Electrochemistry: On the Influence of Cations in Non-aqueous Electrochemistry (P. Reinsberg, Bonn/DE)

Electrolysis (together with the FG Chemie & Energie)


  • Economics of Electrolyses (J. Kintrup, Leverkusen/DE)
  • Ion-selective membranes for an increase in efficiency in electrochemical processes (B. Bauer, Bietigheim-Bissingen/DE)
  • New Developments in Alkaline Water Electrolysis (T. Turek, Clausthal-Zellerfeld/DE)

BMBF project Kopernikus Power-to-X: Electrolysis (together with the FG Chemie & Energie)


  • Renewable and Profitable Synthesis of Chemical Feedstock and Specialties Employing Low Temperature Electrochemical Reduction of CO 2 (G. Schmid, Erlangen/DE)
  • Beyond the Catalyst: How the Reactor Design Influences the Electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis (M. Wessling, Aachen/DE)
  • Power-to-X: Electrochemical Value Chains for Harnessing Renewables (R. Eichel, Jülich/DE)

Tuesday, 09/17/2019
Power-to-X (together with the FG Chemie & Energie)


  • Mesoscopic Photosystems for the Generation of Electricity and Chemical Fuels from Sunlight (M. Grätzel, Lausanne/CH)
  • State-of-Charge Monitoring for the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (R. Hempelmann, Saarbrücken/DE)
  • Development of Novel Organic Radical Batteries (S. Nakatsuji, Hyogo/JP)

BMBF project Kopernikus Power-to-X: Production of chemicals and fuels (together with the FG Chemie & Energie)


  • tba (C. Gürtler, Leverkusen/DE)
  • tba (P. Wasserscheid, Erlangen/DE)
  • E = m*CO 2: Translational Molecular Catalysis at the Interface of Energy and Chemistry (J. Klankermayer, Aachen/DE)

GDCh Science Forum Chemistry 2017 (12/13 September 2017; Berlin)

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