Fresenius Lectureship

Fresenius Lectureship of the GDCh Division of Analytical Chemistry

Since its introduction in 2011 on the occasion of the International Year of Chemistry, the aim of the Fresenius Lectureship has been to bring current research results from modern analytical chemistry and the fascination for the discipline as a whole closer to a broad chemical audience in Germany. Against this background, the Division Board nominates renowned university lecturers from German-speaking countries.

All GDCh local sections are cordially invited to consider the current Fresenius Lecturers for their lecture programs - please announce them under the heading "Fresenius Lectureship of the GDCh Division of Analytical Chemistry". The dates will be clarified directly with the prize winners. Travel and accommodation costs will be borne by the Division of Analytical Chemistry.

Fresenius Lectureships 2020-2024

Prof. Dr. Andrea Sinz
Martin-Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Prof. Dr. Mario Thevis
Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln

Fresenius Lecturers 2011ff

(Corona-related extension)

Andrea Sinz, Halle-Wittenberg
Mario Thevis, Cologne


Robert Fuchs, Cologne
Michael Maiwal d, Berlin


Frank-Michael Matysik, Regensburg
Ralf Zimmermann, Rostock & Munich


Jürgen W. Einax, Jena


Boris Mizaikoff, Ulm


Nicolas H. Bings, Mainz
Oliver J. Schmitz, Duisburg-Essen
Otto S. Wolfbeis, Regensburg


Christian Huber, Salzburg/Austria
Ulrich Panne, Berlin
Renato Zenobi, Zurich/Switzerland


Detlev Belder, Leipzig
Günter Gauglitz, Tübingen
Uwe Karst, Münster
Reinhard Nießner, Munich
Torsten C. Schmidt, Duisburg-Essen

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