PhD Award

Doctoral award of the GDCh division Solid State Chemistry & Materials Research

The companies TANIOBIS (formerly: HC Starck Tantalum & Niobium) and HC Starck Tungsten alternately sponsor the award for the best doctoral thesis in the field of inorganic Solid-State Chemistry and Materials Research . The prize is awarded annually by the Solid State Chemistry & Materials division of the German Chemical Society (GDCh). The award includes an award certificate and prize money of 5000 euros.

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PhD Award 2023

The HC Starck Tungsten PhD Award 2023 for solid-state chemistry and materials research was awarded to Dr. Awarded to Stephan Müssig.

"in recognition of his outstanding dissertation entitled "Development of suitable supraparticles as magnetic identification features" written in the working group of Prof. Dr. Karl Mandel at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg for the groundbreaking contributions to the synthesis of complex magnetic particles described therein and their ensemble fingerprint detection using magnetic particle spectroscopy, which can be used, among other things, for magnetism-based recording of temperatures.

PhD Award 2022

The TANIOBIS PhD Award for solid-state chemistry and materials research was awarded to Dr.-Ing Janett Schmelzer and Dr. Ing. Awarded to Nicolas Zapp.

Dr.-Ing. Janett Schmelzer "in recognition of her outstanding dissertation entitled "Microstructure and properties of powder metallurgical manufactured V-rich V-Si-B alloys for high-temperature application" written at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. Ms. Dr. In her dissertation, Schmelzer describes a novel approach to presenting different alloy variants of vanadium-based multi-phase materials. By combining mechanical alloying with additive manufacturing in the form of laser deposition welding and selective laser beam melting in the powder bed, Dr. Schmelzer was able to create unknown vanadium/vanadium that was previously inaccessible by other means. Represent, consolidate and fully characterize silicon/boron composites. The work, supported by numerical simulations, represents an outstanding contribution to the development of new high-temperature materials as well as to improving the thermodynamic efficiency of gas turbines and opens up possibilities that go beyond those of nickel-based superalloys."

dr Nicolas Zapp "in recognition of his outstanding dissertation written at the University of Leipzig entitled “Rare Earth Heteroanionic Hydrides with Secondary O 2 -, F -, and N 3 - Ions Related to the CaF 2 and K 2 NiF 4 Structure Types". In his dissertation, Dr. Zapp describes the synthesis of complex heteroanionic compounds of rare earth elements. The hydride ion, which can be substituted by similarly sized oxide, nitride and fluoride ions, plays a crucial role. He develops suitable synthesis routes and by combining analytical methods, he succeeds in accurately determining the positions of the anions in the solids. In particular, the combination of X-ray and neutron diffraction leads to high-quality structure determinations. Dr. Zapp thus contributes significantly to our understanding very new class of substances. The derivation of structure-property relationships through knowledge of the exact structure is supported by theoretical studies at a high level. It is foreseeable that the results will inspire further work on this class of substances, leading to novel materials with previously unforeseeable properties."

PhD Award award 2021

The HC Starck Tungsten PhD Award award, donated by HC Starck Tungsten GmbH, for solid-state chemistry and materials research was presented to Dr. Luke May and Dr. Awarded to Philip Netzsch.

Dr. Lukas Mai in recognition of his outstanding dissertation entitled: "Investigation of Amino-Alkyl Coordinated Complexes as New Precursor Class for Atomic Layer Deposition of Aluminum, Tin and Zinc Oxide Thin Films and their Application" for the pioneering contributions to the development of a new one described therein Class of precursors for the deposition of atomic layers of binary metal oxides, especially aluminum oxide, at low temperatures. The dissertation was written in the working group of Prof. Dr. Anjana Devi at the Ruhr University Bochum.

Dr. Philip Netzsch in recognition of his outstanding dissertation entitled: "On Silicate-Analogous Materials - Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Borosulfates" for the pioneering contributions described therein to the systematic development of a large number of new borosulfates, the rationalization of the synthetic approach and the investigation of fascinating structures -Property relationships. The dissertation was written in the working group of Prof. Dr. Henning A. Höppe at the University of Augsburg.

PhD Award award 2020

The TANIOBIS PhD Award (formerly: HC Starck Tantalum & Niobium PhD Award Prize) for solid-state chemistry and materials research was given to OnlinePascal Cop awarded in recognition of his outstanding dissertation with the title: ?CeO 2 -based nanostructures as model catalysts for HCl oxidation?. Dr. Cop's creative, in-depth and future-oriented work on CeO 2 -based nanostructures represents excellent basic research and at the same time addresses a very topical and socially relevant topic, namely the maximization of the efficiency of chemical reactions, which, for example, enable efficient exhaust gas cleaning and are indispensable in large-scale industry. The HCl oxidation plays a very important role from an environmental point of view. Dr. Cop's investigations into the deactivation of the catalyst could in the future contribute to the optimization of catalyst materials for mass technologies and thus to the sustainability of various chemical processes. The dissertation was carried out in the working group of Prof. Dr. Bernd Smarsly at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen .

PhD award 2019

Prof. Dr. C. Felser, Dr. J. Meese-Marktscheffel,
Dr. H. Schwartz und Dr. S. Kloß (
Dr. S. Kloß und Dr. H. Schwartz

The HC Starck Tungsten PhD award 2019 for Solid-State Chemistry and Materials Research research was given in equal parts to Dr. Heidi Schwartz and Dr. Simon Kloß forgive.

Dr. Heidi Annemarie Schwartz received the award for her outstanding dissertation on the topic of "Metal-Organic Frameworks as Crystalline Porous Hosts for Photoactive Molecules" and for the pioneering work on structure-property relationships of organometallic framework compounds as crystalline, porous host structures for photoactive molecules.

Dr. Simon David Kloß was recognized for his outstanding dissertation on " The High-Pressure Metathesis Route for the Preparation of Rare-Earth and Transition Metal Nitridophosphates " and for the pioneering discoveries in the field of rare earth and transition metal nitridophosphates as well as for the development of a groundbreaking one new method of high pressure metathesis to open up new areas in nitridophosphate chemistry.

Doctoral awards 1995ff

Year awardee: in Affiliation at the time of the award

PhD Award

2023 Dr. Stephan Müssig Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg

HC Starck Tungsten

2022 Dr.-Ing. Janett Schmelzer
Dr. Nicolas Zapp
Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
University of Leipzig
2021 Dr. Luke May
Dr. Philip Netzsch
Ruhr-University Bochum
University of Augsburg

HC Starck Tungsten

2020 Dr. Pascal Cop Justus Liebig University Gießen


2019 Dr. Simon David Kloß
Dr. Heidi Annemarie Schwartz
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
University of Cologne

HC Starck Tungsten

2018 Dr. Sebastian Bette
Dr. Chia Chin Chen
Technological University Bergakademie Freiburg
University of Stuttgart

HC Starck Tantalum & Niobium

2016 Dr. Martin Heise
Dr. Martin Oschatz
Technical University Dresden
Technical University Dresden

HC Starck

2014 Dr. Pascal Hartmann
Dr. Michael Schöneich
Justus Liebig University Gießen
Technical University Dresden

HC Starck

2012 Dr. Matthias Kellermeier
Dr. Saskia Stegmaier
University of Regensburg
Technical University of Munich

HC Starck

2010 Dr. Bernard Wahl Technical University Dresden

HC Starck

2008 Dr. Florian M. Stadler Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

HC Starck

2006 Dr. Martin Wilkening University of Hanover

HC Starck

2004 Dr. Stefan Schlüter University of Bonn

HC Starck

2002 Dr. Anja Verena Mudring University of Bonn

HC Starck

2000 Dr. Hubert Huppertz
Dr. Andreas Leineweber
Dr. Ulrich Steinbrenner

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
University of Dortmund
University of Stuttgart

HC Starck

1997 Dr. Matthias Conrad
Dr. Ingrid Denk

Philips University of Marburg
MPI for Solid State Research, Stuttgart

HC Starck


Dr. Claus Feldmann
Dr. Frank Thomas Lange

University of Bonn
University (TH) Karlsruhe

HC Starck

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