Board and working groups

Board and working groups

SEC board 2023 to 2025

In the summer of 2022, 373 SEC members re-elected their Board for the 2023 to 2025 term of office. Voter turnout was 63%. Of the six nominees, the following five were elected to the SEC board :


  • dr Eva E. Wille (Chair)
  • dr Barbara Pohl (deputy)
  • dr Klaus-Dieter Franz (Deputy)
  • dr Wolfgang Gerhartz (Assessor)
  • dr Wolfgang Kortmann (Assessor)

We have also decided to co-opt one member of the board:

  • dr Petra Schultheiss-Reimann (co-opted member)

Contact person in the GDCh Office is Dipl.-Biol. Nicole Bürger.

working group public relations

- dr Rudolf Ahrens-Botzong
- Prof. Dr. Horst Altenburg
- dr Gisela Boeck
- dr Claus Christ
- Prof. Dr. Eberhard Ehlers
- Prof. Dr. Henrik Emons
- dr Klaus Dieter Franz
(Deputy Speaker)
- dr Wolfgang Gerhartz
- dr Hartmut Giese
- dr Rudolph Gottfried
- dr Hartmut Hammer
- Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Jäckel
- Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Jany
- Prof. Dr. Axel Kleeman
- dr Ursula Kraska
- Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kreysa
- dr Dieter Kunz
- LM Chem Ingeborg Lenze
- dr Eckhart Louis
- dr Thomas Mühlenbernd
- Prof. Dr. Jorn Mueller
- Prof. Dr. Heribert Offermanns
- Prof. Dr. Helmut Ritter
- dr Rainer Schlodder
- dr Ekkehard Schwab
- dr Klaus Richard Sperling
- Hans-Uwe
by Grabowski
- dr Heinz Wolfers

Contact person in the GDCh Office: Dr. Karin Schmitz, public relations

working group education

- Dipl. Chem. Hans Jürgen Bauer
- dr Detlef Bethge
- Prof. Dr. Roland Bitch
- dr Gisela Boeck
- dr Heinz Delle
- Prof. Dr. Eberhard Ehlers
- dr Roland Frank
- dr Klaus Dieter Franz
- dr Stefan Gurtzgen
- dr Gerhard Heywang
- dr Wolfgang Kortmann
(Deputy Speaker)
- dr Ludwig Kuhlmann
- StD.iR Volker Lang

- dr Wolfgang Meiners
- dr Martin Patzlaff
- dr Barbara Pohl
- Prof. Dr. Manfred Psiorz
- Prof. Dr. Michael Roper
- dr Dietmar Scherr
- dr Hans Jürgen Schmidt
- dr Frank Schuetz
- dr Petra Schultheiss-Reimann
- dr Ekkehard Schwab
- Almut Staniek
- Graduate engineer Peter Stevens, St.DiR
- dr Tom Witzel

Contact person in the GDCh Office: Dr. Elisabeth Kapatsina, Education and Science

Honorary President

Prof. Dr. Horst Altenburg, Munster

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