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Who we are - What we do

We founded the Association for Chemistry and Economics as a Division of the GDCh. It emerged from the "Chemistry and Economics" Working Group after three years of development work.

Our vision is the connection of natural sciences, especially chemistry, and economics. An important goal here is the formation of an international chemical industry network. Our profile offers further information about the goals and purpose of the association.

The aim of the association is to address chemists, natural scientists and engineers as well as other people associated with chemistry or the chemical industry. This spectrum is reflected in the members of our association.

To achieve our goals, we need the support and cooperation of many individuals. We would be delighted if you were interested in the VCW and would like to encourage you to get in touch with us.

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tasks and goals

It is our aim to create a forum for chemists, engineers and service providers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in which discussions about the chemical industry can be conducted openly and aggressively. The German Chemical Society as the most important chemical science specialist society in continental Europe will focus on this. We have established ourselves as a discussion forum for chemical industry issues and bundle chemical industry expertise. Last but not least, we see ourselves as a network for people who work professionally at the interface between chemistry and business. We tune in to


  • to study economic conditions in the chemical industry
  • to advertise within the GDCh for support for creative engagement with the development of the chemical industry in Germany, Europe and worldwide
  • To make independent contributions to the discourse of industrial and technological development and not to hold back with our opinion as scientific and technical experts.

We for you - our offers

The VCW is involved in various topics at the interface between chemistry and business. Temporary topics are also discussed in line with developments in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. There are working groups and events such as one-day conferences, regional get-togethers and workshops.

In the spirit of a network, we provide you with links and literature recommendations on chemical industry topics. We would be happy to include your information at these points as well.

We inform our members regularly via our e-journal, which is also open to you as a platform for the publication of articles. Offers for the members of the VCW at a glance:


  • Chemical industry, business and personal contacts through our extensive network
  • Membership in the German Chemical Society GDCh as an important scientific association
  • Information on relevant chemical industry issues
  • Exchange of experiences with like-minded people from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Platform for initiating and shaping chemical industry topics
  • Events on current chemical industry topics
  • Contacts with decision-makers from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Information on chemical industry topics, e.g. B. with literature recommendations, links and publications (e-journal)
  • Current training opportunities

Meyer-Galow Award for Business Chemistry

The Meyer-Galow Foundation for Industrial Chemistry under the umbrella of the German Chemical Society annually awards the Meyer-Galow Award for Business Chemistry .

The prize is awarded to a awardee who has successfully introduced a current chemical innovation to the market in the German-speaking region, either alone or with a team. It can be a product or a process. The invention that leads to the innovation can come from the awardee, but does not have to. It is important that he or she was the driving force behind its implementation in the market. The aim is to honor the outstanding and successful transfer of chemistry to the market.

The prize is worth 10,000 euros.



The association is led by the Board and the core team.

This leadership structure ensures that every VCW member can contribute their ideas and personal commitment and that the VCW's activities are coordinated and administrative tasks are carried out continuously.


Study Award Business Chemistry

The Association for Chemistry and Economics (VCW) awards a prize for excellent academic performance in business chemistry . The prize is advertised in German-speaking countries and awarded annually. more

News from the chemical industry

In April 2013, the VCW published “News from the Chemical Industry: Prospects for 2025”. The authors have drawn a multi-faceted picture of the future development potential of the European chemical industry from different perspectives. To open the magazine (PDF), please click on the cover image.

VCW round tables

With the founding of the regulars' tables, the VCW is right in line with the trend, because the creation of so-called communities goes beyond pure networking.


BusinessXChemistry: "Current developments in business chemistry from an academic perspective"

Online lecture series - 16.04.-28.05. - Tuesdays 17:00 - 18:30  


Symposium "Strategies for a sustainable green chemical industry ...

... Linking ecological solutions with economics and chemistry" Thu, 13.06.2024, 10:00 - 17:00, Frankfurt a. M, ACHEMA (Hall 4.C, Room Alliance)

VCW Annual Event 2024

"Future-oriented investments in Germany as a chemical location: The contribution of politics, industry and science.", Autumn 2024 -
further information follows


Online lecture series "Industrial Phosphorus Chemistry" with Working Group Phosphorus Chemistry

VCW round tables

The VCW organizes regular meetings across Germany for its members to exchange information

social media


Young business chemists

The young business chemists form a national network for students and young graduates with an interest in chemistry and business.

Book recommendations

The VCW recommends the following specialist literature more


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