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SEC members recruit SEC members

"Offspring" for senior chemists

Now please quickly recommend SEC membership...

..and secure a 25 euro voucher for the GDCh shop! The campaign runs until January 2024.

As an SEC member, you already know the benefits of SEC membership and know about it

You know about our next SEC annual meeting from May 6-8, 2024 in Magdeburg. The program for 2024 is set. Invite your friends and acquaintances to experience something new and meet old acquaintances in a truly historic place. Promote the benefits of SEC membership.

And so it goes:

The person you refer fills out the prepared PDF form “ SEC Joining ” and names you there as the recruiter. After signing the form , the new SEC member sends it to board member Wolfgang Gerhartz. He will ensure that you receive your advertising bonus (€25 voucher for the GDCh shop ) and forward the membership application to the GDCh membership administration in order to register the new member.

We, the SEC board and almost 400 members are already looking forward to working with you.

Download form » " SEC Entry "

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