Introductory texts on crystallography

Texts on crystallographic topics

The ChemKrist working group group sees its most important task as training young scientists in courses and summer schools as well as holding ambitious scientific Conferences on selected topics. That is why we have held an annual summer school or ?workshop conference? for a long time; since the ?Year of Chemistry? we have even been offering both with great success. While Conferences for experienced colleagues have been taking place for a long time, we have been holding a summer school for young scientists every two years since 2000 in the Hardehausen Monastery. Here, experienced tutors teach the participants the basics of X-ray structure analysis. In addition, the Kiel workshop on ?Errors, traps and problems in single crystal structure analysis? has meanwhile become firmly established. It is aimed primarily at advanced doctoral students who had attended the summer school in Hardehausen the year before, and with the solution of practical examples it builds on the tradition of the Göttingen workshops under the direction of George M. Sheldrick 20 years ago. To complement this type of training, we have now begun to write ?teaching pamphlets? on important crystallographic topics. These mini-essays are aimed at advanced undergraduate or graduate students; they mainly deal with the problems that can arise during a crystal structure determination and introduce some new developments. The teaching pamphlets should (and cannot) replace textbooks, but make it easier to get started quickly with specialist literature. These are not original works, but rather ?translations?. The authors have tried to prepare newer publications in magazines or difficult to understand chapters in the usual textbooks in such a way that they are understandable for ?beginners?. This series starts with a few selected topics, but is to be continuously expanded and (if necessary) updated. I would be happy if everyone sees it as an asset - and uses it.


Peter Jones , Brunswick


  • Crystallographic calculation without a computer ( pdf ) (2005)
  • Solutions to the exercises ( pdf ) (2005)
  • CIF files ( pdf ) (2005)
  • Neutron Diffraction ( pdf ) (2005)

George M. Sheldrick, Göttingen and Peter Jones, Braunschweig

  • Structure Factor Algebra: Symmetry for Computers ( pd ) (2005)

Regine Herbst-Irmer, Göttingen

  • Twins ( pdf ) (2005)

Michael Bolte, Frankfurt

  • Diffractometry ( pdf ) (2005)

Friedrich Frey, Munich

  • Neutron Diffraction 2 ( pdf ) (2005)

Ulrich Schwarz, Dresden

  • High pressure crystallography ( pdf ) (2006)


  • Powder diffractometry ( pdf ) (2005)

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