Workshops of the GDCh division Solid State Chemistry & Materials Research

The Solid State Chemistry & Materials division organizes workshops on current topics and issues at irregular intervals.

Workshop "Digitization: Status, Perspectives and Potentials for Solid State and Material Chemistry"

December 19, 2018, MPI CPfS, Dresden

Digitization is playing an increasingly important role in our daily life and in the industrial environment. The emerging dynamic environment of new technologies and possibilities is heterogeneous and difficult to survey. In order to enable a dialogue with a focus on issues that are of interest to the specialist groups from the field of inorganic chemistry, the board of the GDCh division Solid State Chemistry and Solid-State Chemistry and Materials Research Research invites you to a meeting on December 19, 2018 at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids Lecture and discussion forum on the subject of "Digital Transformation in Inorganic Chemistry and Materials Research". The aim of the event is to use lectures by renowned experts from the field and in an open exchange with members of the specialist sections and guests to discuss opportunities and opportunities for Inorganic Chemistry and materials research.


Stephan Schunk, hte GmbH

"Digital Transformation of Materials Sciences: Opinions, Trends and Initiatives"

Michael Gaida, hte GmbH

"hte's lab 4.0: innovative software platforms as key enabling elements in enhanced experimentation"

Ansgar Schäfer, BASF SE

"Industry perspective on digitization in the field of quantum mechanical modeling"

Matthias Scheffler, FHI

"Big? Data driven materials science - when most data are irrelevant"

Stephan Rühl, FIZ

"FIZ Karlsruhe and CCDC - Working together to help the community"

Carlos Viol Barbosa, Science Desk

"Research Data Management for Material Science with data mining support"

Oliver Koepler, TIB

"TIB National Research Data Infrastructure"

Juliane Schönfeldt, MPDL

"Research data management in the laboratory using the example of labfolder"

Foto: MPI CPfS

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