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German Society for Catalysis

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The German Catalysis Society (GeCatS) is the central interest group of the German catalysis community and an information platform for catalysis research and application.

The activities of the supporting organizations DECHEMA, VDI-GVC as well as GDCh, DBG and DGMK in the field of catalysis are thus brought together under one roof. The tasks and goals of the society, which currently has around 1100 members, include the promotion of young scientists, promoting the reputation of the field among the general public, establishing a platform for the discussion of current scientific issues, information on research policy publications and studies, cooperation with other national/European/international organizations, lobbying with funding organizations and the organization and implementation of the "Annual Meeting of German Catalytic Scientists".

Membership in the German Society for Catalysis is open to any member of the five sponsoring societies without additional membership fees.


dr Christina Jungfer
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