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The GDCh Division of Chemistry & Energy was founded in 2009 and currently has over 500 members from universities, research institutions, industry and administration - the trend is constantly increasing in view of the challenges of the global energy transition. Student and young members make up more than half of the membership. The network, which is young in every respect, is a forum for everyone who deals with chemical contributions to the energy transition or would like to participate in it.

The energy transition is one of the greatest challenges of our time
Our modern industrial society and thus also chemical production are based on fossil fuels, be it as a raw material or as an energy supplier. Global growth and increasing industrialization are leading to a constantly increasing demand for energy worldwide. At the same time, however, the stocks of fossil fuels are finite, associated with geopolitical challenges and their use has unforeseeable effects on the climate. The development of new, regenerative and climate-neutral energy sources as well as the resource-saving and efficient use of these energy quotas are therefore of central importance for a successful energy transformation. Chemistry as a cross-sectional technology plays a key role here.

Chemistry and energy go hand in hand


  • Development of climate-neutral energy sources such as photovoltaics or thermoelectrics
  • Development of energy storage and vectors such as battery or hydrogen technologies
  • Enabling energy transformation through, for example , fuel cells or CO 2 use/e-fuels

Our contribution to the energy transition: bridging the gap between industry and academia
The aim of the Division of Chemistry & Energy is to strengthen cooperation between academia and industry to successfully advance the energy transition. Consequently, exchange and cooperation formats to illuminate different, especially economic perspectives are in the foreground at events and initiatives.

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