Cosmetic products

working group Cosmetic Products

The Cosmetic Products working group was founded in 1987 and currently has 12 full and 11 corresponding members. They come from the areas


  • Advice
  • legislation
  • Industry
  • Monitoring/Investigation
  • university

The working group sees itself as a discussion forum for relevant issues relating to the development, manufacture and monitoring of cosmetic products. It aims to promote scientific exchange between the various disciplines interested in cosmetics.

Statement of the working group "Types of preservation of cosmetic products" (February 2012)

Statement of the working group "Preservation of cosmetic products - pros and cons?" (March 2010)

Head of the working group


Dr. Bernhard Fellenberg
Hygiene and quality control GmbH
Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Str. 25
77656 Offenburg


Dr. Alfred Markowetz
Procter & Gamble Service GmbH, Schwalbach


Dorothee Stumpf
LMC Service GmbH

Term of office 2023-2025

Focus of work


  • Documentation of the state of science on selected ingredients
  • Development of analytical methods and verification of their suitability in comparative laboratory tests or round robin tests
  • Commentary support of legislative procedures and demonstration of consequences for the development, manufacture and monitoring of cosmetic products
  • Questions about the composition and assessment of cosmetic products
  • Exchange of views on requirements for cosmetics

Data sheets for evaluating the efficacy of active ingredients in cosmetic products

The following data sheets are written exclusively in German.
If you have any questions about individual data sheets, please contact the chairman of the working group (see above).

The working group publishes data sheets for the evaluation of the effectiveness of active ingredients in cosmetic products on a loose basis.

The following data sheets have been published so far:


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