2023 Leipzig

SEC at the Science Forum in Leipzig

Jürgen Koppe: Wilhelm Ostwald (Öl auf Leinwand, 2018)

The GDCh Science Forum (WiFo) 2023 took place on September 4-6, 2023 in Leipzig. The Senior Expert Chemists organized an afternoon of lectures there on Tuesday, September 5th, the motto of which refers to Leipzig:

Chemistry meets art

With the lectures we addressed Wilhelm Ostwald, who was also a painter. “Chemistry in the Visual Arts” was another title. One lecture dealt with the restoration of the burned books from the library in Weimar, and finally it was about the Nebra Sky Disk:


  • Wilhelm Ostwald - his work and his significance for today: Dr. Jürgen Koppe (MOL Catalyst Technology)
  • Chemistry in the visual arts: Prof. Dr. Reiner Salzer, Dr. Rainer Behrends (TU Dresden), Prof. Dr. Lothar Beyer (University of Leipzig)
  • The second life of the ash books from the Duchess Anna Amalia Library: Laura Völkel, MA (University of Vienna)
  • Science in the Bronze Age: What does the Nebra Sky Disk tell us?: Prof. Dr. Ernst Pernicka (University of Tübingen)

WiFo 23 took place in the Congress Hall at the Zoo in Leipzig.

Rethinking History of Chemistry

Fascinating stories and reflections for the future

We, the SEC, together with the GDCh's Equal Opportunities Commission, took part in the symposium "Rethinking history of chemistry of Chemistry” Division on September 4, 2023. The event showed the inspiration that has been drawn from the history of chemistry can be. In a panel discussion we then discussed the significance of the history of chemistry for our today and tomorrow. » Invitation and program to download.

WiFo23 (Leipzig) Photo Gallery

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