Events of the GDCh Division of Analytical Chemistry

ANAKON 2023 (11.-14.04.2023; Vienna)

Chairs: Martina Marchetti-Deschmann, Erwin Rosenberg, Victor U. Weiss


GDCh Science Forum 2021 (August 30th / September 1st, 2021; online)

Tracking Down Crime: Forensic Analytics (August 30, 2021)
Chair: Uwe Karst


  • Modern methods in forensic explosives analysis (TD Schachel, Wiesbaden / DE)
  • On grasping the incomprehensible: bioanalytical methods for the forensic proof of poisoning with chemical warfare agents (H. John, Munich / DE)
  • Hyphenated high-resolution mass spectrometry - the "all-in-one" device in analytical toxicology? (HH Maurer, Homburg (Saar) / DE)

Medicines of the Future (September 1, 2021; together with the Division of Environmental Chemistry & Ecotoxicology)
Chairs: Stefanie Wieck, Stefan Hahn


  • Persistent and mobile: Pharmaceuticals in the water cycle (T. Reemtsma, Leipzig)
  • Medicines as trace substances in our waters (A. Eisträger, Dessau-Roßlau)
  • Environmental problem pharmaceuticals - ways to a safe and environmentally friendly Management of pharmaceuticals (KG Steinhäuser, Berlin)
  • Medicines and initiatives in the field of sustainability (D. Stern, Bonn / DE)
  • Sustainable Pharmacy (M. Müller, Freiburg)
  • Towards the Design of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients mineralizing readily in the Environment (N. Puhlmann, Lüneburg)

GDCh Science Forum Chemistry 2019 (September 17, 2019; Aachen)

Elements of analytics
Wolfgang Buscher, Uwe Karst

awardee, nanoparticles and forensics. Top-class speakers and topics of great general interest characterize the lecture Division of Analytical Chemistry. After an introduction by the President of BAM, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Panne, the 2019 Fresenius awardee Prof. Dr. Andrea Sinz and Prof. Dr. Detlev Belder about her current work. In addition, priorities will be set in the form of two lectures on the analysis of nanoparticles in biological systems and in the environment. With the analysis of all aspects of illegal drug laboratories and doping offenses, forensic topics are the crowning glory.


  • Analytical Sciences: From Ostwald's Maid to Enabling Science (Ulrich Panne, Berlin)
  • Integrated Chemical Micro Laboratories (Detlev Belder, Leipzig)
  • Cross-linking / mass spectrometry for the investigation of protein structures and protein-protein interactions: where are we and which path do we want to take? (Andrea Sinz, Halle)
  • Nanoparticles in medicine: Curse or Blessing? (Uwe Karst, Münster)
  • Innovative ICP-MS based methods for the analysis of nano and microparticles in the environment (Björn Meermann, Koblenz)
  • Forensic analysis to evaluate illegal drug laboratories (Michael Pütz, Wiesbaden)
  • Doping analysis - detection of prohibited substances and their degradation products (Mario Thevis, Cologne)

ANAKON 2019 (March 25-28, 2019; Münster)

ANAKON 2017 (April 3-6, 2017; Tübingen)

ANAKON 2015 (March 23-26, 2015; Graz / A)

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