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Poster prizes of the GDCh Division Magnetic Resonance

During the annual FGMR lecture conference, the Division awards poster prizes to honor the best posters. An independent selection committee decides on the award of the award.

Poster awards 2018

On the occasion of the 40th discussion conference from 10.09.-13.09.2018 in Leipzig, the following poster prizes were awarded:

Mrs. Linda Jütten
Poster title: "The NMR solution structure of 2,5-diketo-piperazine containing peptides and in membrane mimetic medium"

Mr. Yuri Golitsyn
Poster title: "Solid-state NMR study of hte effect of a well-defined point defect in the middle of the polymer chain on the properties of the crystalline regions of poly (ethylene oxide)"

Mr. Patrick Tobias Hett
Poster title: "Conformational changes in a cyclic nucleotide-binding domain sudied by PELDOR spectroscopy"

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