2019 Aachen

SEC at the GDCh Science Forum in Aachen

Pfalzkapelle Aachen (Zeichnung Dr. Albert Siebert, ehem. Degussa)
Pfalzkapelle Aachen (Zeichnung Dr. Albert
Siebert, ehem. Degussa)

The GDCh Science Forum took place from 16-18 Sep 2019 in Aachen. The Senior Expert Chemists a lecture afternoon there on Tuesday, September 17th, the motto of which relates to Aachen:

Enjoy Aachen with all your senses

We addressed four senses with the topics of the lectures:


  • Taste: Dr. Michael Krohn (BRAIN AG): Hot - or would you prefer taste
  • Smell: Prof. Dr. Heribert Offermanns (formerly Degussa AG): "Öcher" chemical elements from a personal point of view
  • See: Prof. Dr. Hans Karl Rouette (Rouette and Rzehak dye works, Rotex): Woolen cloth and sulfur thermal water: Textile city and spa center were once typical of Bad Aachen
  • Keys: Prof. Dr. Marcel Liauw (RWTH Aachen): When hearing and seeing pass by ? Aachen with a lot of feeling

The WiFo took place in the eurogress in Aachen, see www.wifo2019-aachen.de. The event was reported in the Nachrichten aus der Chemie: Nachr. Chem. 2019, 67 (12), 82.

SEC at the WiFo 2019 in Aachen - picture gallery

André Iemhof spielt Saxophon
Dr. Michael Krohn
Heribert Offermanns begrüßt die Zuhörer mit dem Klenkes
Diskussion mit Marcel Liauw
Prof. Dr. Hans Karl Rouette
Diskussion mit Prof. Dr. Hans Karl Rouette
Marcel Liauw ist in "seinem Aachener Element"
Marcel Liauw und Klaus-Peter Jäckel

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