2022 Wernigerode

8th SEC annual meeting, Wernigerode, 2.-4. May 2022

Rathaus in Wernigerode
Rathaus in Wernigerode


Our 8th SEC annual meeting took place from 2.-4. May 2022 at the HKK Hotel Wernigerode. The Conference offered "everything under one roof" so that the 8th SEC annual meeting was also a Conference of short distances. You can download our flyer for the Conference in Wernigerode as a PDF here.

Wernigerode is a highly attractive little town in the middle of the Harz Mountains. It is known for its many half-timbered houses and a particularly magnificent town hall from the Renaissance period. The Conference was followed by May Day, a public holiday, and with it the night of the witches, Walpurgis Night. It is particularly celebrated in Wernigerode and Schierke (known for Schierker Feuerstein, a herbal bitter) and of course on the Brocken. But even without witches and devils, the Harz Mountains are suitable for hiking and relaxing. In addition to the Harz there are attractive excursion destinations in the area, for example Quedlinburg, Halberstadt, Goslar or Gernrode, see excursion destinations below.

scientific programme

Rainer Herges, University of Kiel:
Molecular machines, a new approach to the diagnosis and targeted therapy of diseases

Joachim Heck, Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik GmbH, Wendelsheim:
Flowchemistry - From the beginning to the establishment as a process technology

Hannelore Daniel, LMU Munich:
Personalized nutrition for young and old, current status and prospects

Marcus Fischer, University of Hamburg:
food counterfeits

Ulrich Reiff,
museum director of the Upper Harz Mining Museum
World Heritage Upper Harz Water Management – pre-industrial energy system and barrier-free paths through the mining area

Klaus Kopka, DKFZ Heidelberg:
Targeted fight against prostate cancer

Christian Struck, CVUA-MEL, Munster:
Does the meat from the Petri dish fulfill the dream of eternal youth?

Helmut Ritter, former Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf:
Plastics: Make new from old

Odo Wunnicke, Science & Technology CREAVIS - Science to Business
3D Printing - Materials & Technology

Klaus Dorre,
University of Jena
From the pincer crisis to the sustainability revolution? Aging Societies in the Great Transformation

Andreas Geisbauer, Clariant International, Bruckmühl
Electricity-based fuels and energy carriers - challenges and market opportunities for the catalytic process industry

Gerhard Kreysa, formerly DECHEMA, Frankfurt:
Electromobility - grandchildren and seniors between fakes and facts

Eberhard Ehlers, GDCh – SEC, Frankfurt:
Serendipity, or the role of chance in discovery! How does something new come into being?

Wilfried Liessmann, TU Clausthal:
Harz mineral treasures - remarkable historical and current finds

supporting program

As a supporting program we offered guided tours in Wernigerode and bus trips to the most important sights in Halberstadt and Goslar.

Photo: Chpagenkopf, Town Hall in Wernigerode, CC BY-SA 3.0

Poster: Natural scientists from Wernigerode and surroundings

Dr. Gisela Boeck (University of Rostock) researched natural scientists from Wernigerode and the surrounding area. With the help of Eberhard Ehlers and Wolfgang Gerhartz, six posters were created, which we presented at the annual meeting in Wernigerode alongside our SEC PR posters (click on the links to go to the respective posters):


Wernigerode photo gallery

Conference page and registration


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