awardee SAAGAS27

1st Prize:
Markus Trunk (physics Department, Technical University of Munich (TUM))

2nd prices:

Thomas Mittersteiner (Atominstitute, Vienna University of Technology)
Dorian Zok (Institute for Radioecology and Radiation Protection, Leibniz University Hannover)
Lukas Werner (physics Department, Technical University of Munich (TUM))

Markus Trunk, Thomas Mittersteiner, Dorian Zok, Lukas Werner und Prof. Dr. Ulrich W. Scherer (Radiochemie, Hochschule Mannhein und Vorstand des AK ARH der GDCh).

Foto: (c) Wenzel Schürmann, TUM

"Scientific insights into art and cultural assets"

On Thursday, February 9, 2017, the last public evening lecture from the series ?Scientific Insights into Art and Cultural Property? ( www.naturwissenschaftliche-einsichten.de ) took place in Dresden. 86 visitors took the opportunity to hear Dr. Matthias Alfeld from Paris on the subject of "Large-scale element distribution images of historical paintings show hidden things" to listen and above all to watch. The series of lectures on the importance of modern analysis in researching our cultural heritage was jointly organized by the working groups "archaeometry" and "analytics with radionuclides and high-performance radiation sources Power Radiation Sources (ARH)". Both working groups belong to the GDCh Division of Analytical Chemistry. A total of around 500 visitors took advantage of the free lectures.


The picture shows the organizers of the lecture series from left to right: Prof. Christoph Herm (University of Fine Arts Dresden), speaker Dr. Matthias Alfeld (Sorbonne Universités Paris), Dr. Silke Merchel (Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf), Dr. Michael Mäder (State Art Collections Dresden)



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