Symposia "... yes - but how?"

Symposia "... yes - but how?"

Die vier Redner des Symposiums "Energiewende, ja - aber wie?"
Redner des Symposiums "Energiewende"

In 2019, the working group public relations group of the Senior Expert Chemists started a new series of symposiums that want to deal with current topics. These include the energy transition, climate change, the EU Green Deal (including total herbicides), green genetic engineering (genome editing) and the environmental impact of persistent plastics.

Based on the positive experiences of the kick-off event on the subject of "energy transition" on October 30th, 2019 in the Max-Buchner-Saal of DECHEMA in Frankfurt/Main, this format will continue to take place exclusively as a face-to-face event in the future. In addition to the members of the Division of Senior Expert Chemists group, the target groups also include the general public, which we want to reach via various networks. Each of these moderated events will consist of four specialist lectures. The speakers will be proven competent natural scientists, representatives of industry, economics and Business Administration as well as politics. The events are planned every two years. Due to Corona, the symposium planned for 2021 had to be postponed to autumn 2022. You will be invited to this in good time.

So far, the following symposia have taken place or are being planned:

09/30/2019 Max Buchner Hall, DECHEMA, Frankfurt Energy transition, yes - but how?
03.11.2022 Max Buchner Hall, DECHEMA, Frankfurt Green genetic engineering, yes - but how?

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