Eva-E. will

Abstract by Dr. Eva-E. Wille, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

The Verlag Chemie / VCH Publisher / Wiley-VCH has existed since 1921. How does the interaction between the GDCh and your publisher work today?
Who is responsible for what? Who owns what?
What does ChemPubSoc Europe bring for the GDCh and its members? You will get the answers and background information in this lecture!

Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Eva-E. will

VP & Executive Director, Wiley-VCh Verlag, Weinheim


  • Born in Munich
  • Studied chemistry at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich
  • Doctorate at the Chair of Theoretical and Organic Chemistry
  • Post-Doc (DFG scholarship) TU Berlin, Iwan-N.-Stranski-Institut Berlin, various assistant and teaching activities
  • Member of the GDCh and the division for Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy since 1980
  • 1985 - until today: Verlag Chemie, VCH Verlagsgesellschaft, Wiley-VCH initially head of public relations, deputy head of the product information department
  • from 1988 until today in leading positions (e.g. complete journal area, complete book area, databases, portals, local and global chemistry programs) for Wiley-VCH and Wiley
  • Since 1986 in various functions for the Verband Deutscher Fachpresse, volunteer for the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, member of the working group of scientific publishers, Secretary ChemPubSoc Europe Fellows Program
  • Awards include the Carl Duisberg plaque (GDCh) and from the French and Slovak chemical societies

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