Max von Delius

Abstract by Prof. Dr. Max von Delius, Ulm University

The chemistry of beer

The hobby brewer and chemistry professor, Max von Delius, gives an introduction to the chemistry behind the Germans' favorite drink in this entertaining lecture. What is the chemical behind the famous ingredients water, hops, malt and yeast? Which reactions take place during brewing and which substances are responsible for certain taste characteristics or the characteristic head of foam? There are also entertaining excursions into the microbiology, Physics and Medicine of beer.

Curriculum Vitae of Prof. Dr. Max von Delius

Max von Delius, born in 1982, has been a professor at Ulm University since 2016. After completing his doctorate in Great Britain (Edinburgh, 2007-2010) and a postdoc stay in Canada (Toronto, 2011-2012), he returned to Germany as an Emmy Noether Junior Research Group Leader. His working group deals with complex chemical networks, supramolecular architectures and the synthesis of organic functional materials. Since 2019, his research on orthoester and phosphodiester networks has been funded by an ERC Starting Grant.

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