MINT ambassadors

SEC working group education becomes a MINT ambassador

As part of the school partnership, the SEC working group education for schools and other educational institutions offers generally understandable lectures on topics related to chemistry. For this activity, the working group as a MINT ambassador (MINT = mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology) by the initiative "MINT future" on 4 Dec 2015. The certificates were presented by GDCh Executive Director Wolfram Koch and Elisabeth Kapatsina, education coordinator of the GDCh, in the GDCh Office in Frankfurt.

Übergabe der MINT-Urkunden an den SEC-Arbeitskreis Schule Bildung Beruf
Der SEC Arbeitskreis Schule Bildung Beruf freut sich mit Wolfram Koch (5. v.l.) und Elisabeth Kapatsina (8. v.l.) über die Auszeichnung als MINT-Botschafter (© Copyright 2015 Wolfgang Gerhartz)

The initiative ? Creating MINT Future ? wants to contribute to a positive attitude towards MINT among young people, parents, teachers and the general public. The intended strengthening of STEM skills and abilities affects all areas of education: early childhood education, general education, vocational training, higher education and professional development. MINT Zukunft is a registered, non-profit association based in Berlin.

MINT ambassadors help to get young people interested in MINT. There are a number of ways they can do that, see STEM Ambassadors on the Web.

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