Vladimir Reshetilovsky

Microstructure reactors for process intensification

online lecture by Vladimir Reschetilowski on November 7th, 2023, 3 p.m

Moderation: Klaus-Dieter Franz

In the development of chemical reaction technology over the last few decades, there has been an increasing trend towards miniaturization of reaction apparatus. The declared goal is to develop microstructure reactors that enable optimal reaction control in terms of mass and heat transport and thus contribute to efficient process intensification. The use of microstructure reactors in chemical engineering is expected to save raw materials, energy and space while simultaneously improving performance.

In the lecture , theoretical and practical findings as well as previous experiences in the field of microreaction technology in their use for the production of fine chemicals and nanoparticles as well as for the technical implementation of heterogeneously catalyzed reactions will be explained, evaluated and discussed.

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