Markus Behnke

Abstract by Dr. Markus Behnke

The DFG - Funding Basic Research

The article provides an overview of the tasks of the German Research Foundation (DFG) as the self-governing organization of science in Germany. The extensive funding portfolio for basic research is presented. Programs for young scientists are given special consideration, but information is also provided for researchers at an advanced stage in their careers. The audience learns the criteria according to which scientific projects are evaluated and how the assessment works. In addition to information on the formal design of DFG proposals, the aim is to provide young researchers with information on how to successfully submit their first proposal. There is sufficient space for questions on the individual subject areas.

Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Markus Behnke

Markus Behnke studied at the University of Cologne and did his doctorate in inorganic chemistry in a DFG-funded special research area. Crossing the border between analytical chemistry and experimental physics, he spent several years researching at Ohio State University (USA). Today, in his position as program director in the chemistry and process engineering group of the DFG, he oversees research projects in the field of solid-state, surface and material chemistry. For several years he coordinated a network of national research funders for chemistry in Europe (ERA-Chemistry) and is a founding member of the ?Committee on Chemical Research Funding? under the umbrella of IUPAC.

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