Haymo Ross

Abstract by Dr. Haymo Ross

Publish like the pros

How do I write an academic article? A look behind the scenes of a chemistry journal is offered and the path from writing to publication (and beyond) is described with an emphasis on the review process and tips for writing a scientific article.

Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Haymo Ross

Studied chemistry in Braunschweig (intermediate diploma 1991) and Kiel (diploma 1994)
1994-1997 Doctoral thesis in organic chemistry
1997 Dissertation, honored by the faculty award of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
1997-1998 Angewandte Chemie trainee
1998-2000 Associate Editor Angewandte Chemie
2000 ? today Deputy Editor Angewandte Chemie
2001-2003 Journal Manager Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis
2003 ? today Editor, EurJOC
2011 ? today Co-Editor, ChemistryOpen

More than 20 lectures / seminars on topics such as "Everyday work in a specialist magazine editorial team", "Publishing in the natural sciences", "Publication ethics"

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