Klaus-Dieter Franz

Fiat Lux: Chemistry of display materials and illuminants

online lecture by Klaus-Dieter Franz on January 10th, 2023, 3-4 p.m

Moderator: Wolfgang Gerhartz

For a long time, torches, candles, gas lights, light bulbs, gas discharge and fluorescent tubes fulfilled the desire for light and image reproduction. Over time, however, the need and requirements for more performance, energy efficiency and usability of visual displays and moving images have increased. With the help of the latest findings in physics and chemistry, novel imaging concepts were developed. The lecture gives an overview of the chemistry of such modern physical concepts for displays and light generation.

Music for the eye - color, shine and function of modern color pigments

online lecture by Klaus-Dieter Franz on September 28, 2021, 2 pm-3pm

Moderation: Klaus-Peter Jäckel

The development of chemical-pharmaceutical chemistry is closely linked to the development of dyes and is also an industrial innovation driver. The global competition for our chemical site is a constant challenge for new products and problem solutions. Effect pigments are an example of the successful implementation of a new concept for color and function. In addition to classic absorption and metallic pigments, these combine shimmering, bright colors with attractive gloss effects. They are based on the natural model of mother-of-pearl, mineral or structure colors. As multi-layer pigments, they are accessible on a large scale through an intelligent combination of simple, technical and chemical processes and are increasingly being used as functional materials.

Chemistry for Energy Storage Technologies

online lecture by Klaus-Dieter Franz on July 12, 2022, 3-4 p.m

Moderator: Klaus-Peter Jäckel

Molecular and electrochemical energy storage

1. Roots of chemistry?driver energy
· Coal: Energy base and raw material resource
· Basis for industrial key technologies
· and megatrends & innovation drivers
2. Batteries
a) Introduction, overview
b) lithium batteries
c) Super capacitors
3. Molecular Energy Storage
- hydrogen
- hydrocarbons
- hydrides, silanes

Klaus-Dieter Franz

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