Gerhard Heywang

Egg, egg, egg - interesting facts about eggs

online lecture by Gerhard Heywang on April 7th, 2022 at 3 p.m.

Moderation: Eberhard Ehlers

Everyone has eaten an egg at one point or another - you have probably indulged in indulgence without thinking about the interesting questions and interesting answers that lie behind eggs.

The experimental lecture deals with all aspects of the egg and answers questions such as: Why do you need a lot of water for a few eggs in an egg boiler and little water for a lot of eggs? Why are eggs quenched? How around does the egg come out of the chicken? Which chickens lay white eggs and which brown eggs? What is the color of brown eggs made of? How do you know if an egg is boiled or raw? How long does it take a chicken to make 8g of protein for the egg? How long does it take for the shell to form? Are Chickens Stupid or Smart? And much more besides.

Did you like the lecture ? Or will you be unable to hear the lecture ? Then write to Dr. Heywang by email to; he will be happy to provide you with the slides of his presentation.

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