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Christian Kohlpaintner, Clariant

To make a conscious decision to become a member of an association or society is always - even if it is an important term - a commitment. A commitment to the goals and values, to your organization, to the committees, but also to your members and? Read more

Barbara Pohl, Merck

For me as a chemist, the GDCh is the mouthpiece of chemistry and my professional representation, and for me it is a matter of course to be a member. This does not mean that one - and women - cannot and should not critically examine the structures of the GDCh. However, the GDCh has the opportunity to create new structures for committed people? Read more

Thorsten Daubenfeld, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

I'm there because, as a chemist, it is simply unthinkable not to be there! The GDCh as vivid and multifunctional network factory can not be substituted for me. But as Lichtenberg remarked aptly: "Those who understand nothing but chemistry do not understand them properly either."? Read more

Harald Lauke, BASF

Science lives from exchange. When chemists present and discuss their research results on a regular basis, they can expand their own knowledge and at the same time help to further develop innovative ideas. With the specialist groups, local associations and the Young Chemists Forum , the GDCh forms a strong, widely branched network with a variety of opportunities for dialogue. Continue reading

Christa E. Müller, University of Bonn

I'm there because, as a pharmaceutical / medicinal chemist, I want to be informed about current developments in all areas of chemistry. Membership in the GDCh enables me to get involved and actively shape the future of (medicinal) chemistry? Read more

Michael Karnahl, University of Stuttgart

As a member of the German Chemical Society, I am part of a successful and well-structured organization, which is known far beyond the borders of Germany: Even during my postdoctoral stay in Sweden at the University of Uppsala were always the Nachrichten aus der Chemie to attract prestigious journals from ... more

Voices from our members

Our membership Nachrichten aus der Chemie publishes two testimonials ?I'm in? in each issue, in which members explain why they are part of our lively network.

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