Count me in

Barbara Pohl, Merck

For me as a chemist, the GDCh is the mouthpiece of chemistry and my professional representation, and for me it is a matter of course to be a member. This does not mean that one - and women - cannot and should not critically examine the structures of the GDCh. However, the GDCh has opportunities to create new structures for committed people. It has been a thorn in the side of my colleagues and me for a long time that the GDCh did too little to ensure the equality of women chemists in authorities and business. So we set up a large group of women with some (brave) men, with support and funding from the GDCh headquarters in 2000, the working group opportunities in chemistry (AKCC), who repeatedly lit subjects from different angles. From my experience in industry, I know how important it is to give young people self-confidence and a direction, and I found that the GDCh was still doing too little here, too. For this reason, we, colleagues from the industry, initiated the mentoring program CheMento, in which 30 couples have been successfully formed for the second year in a row, in which the mentors give tips on career planning, career entry and career orientation. Today I am mainly active within the GDCh in the area of advanced training; my courses are in great demand and I am happy that I can pass on my knowledge. I am there because the GDCh gives me the opportunity to maintain an exchange with colleagues through its specialist structures, conferences and training courses, but also gives me the opportunity to break new ground. Dr. Barbara Pohl, Site Quality Lead Darmstadt and Grafing, Merck This testimonial was published in September 2016 - it can be accessed online.

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