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Michael Karnahl, University of Stuttgart

As a member of the GDCh, I am part of a successful and well-structured organization that is known far beyond the borders of Germany: Even during my postdoc stay in Sweden at the University of Uppsala, the Nachrichten aus der Chemie was always on display alongside renowned specialist journals. The magazine has always offered me a reliable overview of current developments and research results from the most varied of areas of chemistry. I find this to be a valuable tool, especially in times of steadily increasing numbers of publications and new journals. Furthermore, I really appreciate the GDCh colloquia in the local chapters, because they often have first-class staff and help me to think outside the box. I myself recently had the opportunity to present the research results of my group on the design of photoredox-active copper complexes in light-driven catalysis as part of an event organized by the Stuttgart Regional Forum of the Jungchemikerforum. I am grateful to the GDCh for this and I am happy to be there. Dr. Michael Karnahl, Junior Research Group Leader, Institute for Organic Chemistry, University of Stuttgart This testimonial was published in February 2016 - it can be accessed online.

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