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Thorsten Daubenfeld, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

I'm there because, as a chemist, it is simply unthinkable not to be there! The GDCh as vivid and multifunctional network factory can not be substituted for me. But as Lichtenberg remarked aptly: ?Those who understand nothing but chemistry don't really understand them either.? So it was already granted to me not only to quickly see the far too narrow limits of my own specialist knowledge in business practice , but also the need, as a chemist, to deal with the economic aspects and cultures of thought that are indispensable for practical suitability in industry. Amazing: These two worlds - chemistry and economy - complement each other in our head in a wonderful way. I find it regrettable that these synergies are often recognized far too late and often too seldom. I am all the more pleased to be able to pass the best of these two worlds on to my business chemistry students at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. At the GDCh, too, I am proud to be able to contribute to ensuring the competitiveness of chemistry and chemists in the future with further training in business chemistry for young chemists and as a board member of the ? Association for Chemistry and Economics?. Prof. Dr. Thorsten Daubenfeld, Dean of Students chemistry, Fresenius University, Id-stone This testimonial was published in October 2015 - it can be accessed online.

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