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Christa E. Müller, University of Bonn

I'm there because, as a pharmaceutical / medicinal chemist, I want to be informed about current developments in all areas of chemistry. Membership in the GDCh enables me to get involved and actively shape the future of (medicinal) chemistry. Thus, the GDCh division proposes Medicinal Chemistry, whose deputy chairman I was elected, interdisciplinary and cross-group bridges to the German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG). In addition, the organization of meetings, the discussion of current topics and outstanding progress in research and development, thinking outside the box, the internationalization of training and, above all, the promotion of young scientists are of great importance to me. The GDCh benefits from the fact that it is not limited to academic members, but is anchored in the entire chemistry-loving community and enables and mediates close contacts between academics and chemists in industry, authorities and other institutions and areas. Ultimately, I am a member of the GDCh because chemistry is not only at the center of my research and teaching activities, but is also my hobby, which I probably share with all members! Prof. Dr. Christa E. Müller, Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Bonn This testimonial was published in December 2015 - it can be accessed online.

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