Hellmut Bredereck Foundation

Hellmut Bredereck Foundation

The Hellmut Bredereck Foundation was set up at the GDCh in 1995, the purpose of which is to promote young scientists who are active in the former fields of work of Professor H. Bredereck ( 1904-1981 ). These are in the field of organic and bio-organic chemistry with a focus on carbohydrates as well as heterocycles, proteins and nucleotides. Funding takes place through the award of a certificate and a cash prize, which can generally be awarded every two years. In addition, funding can also be provided through the award of scholarships or research grants. An advisory board made up of four scientists and one member of the family of the founder Elisabeth Bredereck decides on the allocation of the funds.

Hellmut Bredereck, who taught at the University of Stuttgart, was President of the German Chemical Society in 1968/69.

Funded by the Hellmut Bredereck Foundation

1999 Ulf Diederichsen, Munich
2005 Hans-Achim Wagenknecht, Munich
2009 Jörg Hartig, Constance
2011 Christoph Arenz, Berlin
2013 Claudia Höbartner, Göttingen
2015 Daniel Summerer, Constance

Foundation Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Karl BREDERECK, Stuttgart
Prof. Dr. Christian STARK, Hamburg
Prof. Dr. Oliver SEITZ, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Ulf DIEDERICHSEN, Göttingen


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