WiFo 2021

The GDCh Science Forum (WiFo) Chemistry 2021 took place from August 29th to September 1st under the motto "Chemists create solutions. For the first time, the WiFo was carried out entirely in digital space. In addition to the lectures, the digital format contained many of the usual elements, such as the opening event, award ceremonies, poster sessions, scientific discussion and informal exchanges during the coffee breaks.

The majority of WiFos was held in English. Each day of the event was dedicated to a "mega-topic" of high social relevance. Plenary symposiums at the beginning of each day of the event illuminated the topics from different angles. The topic on Monday was "How to Avoid the Next Pandemic - Fighting Infectious Diseases of the Future", on Tuesday it was about "Chemistry for Future Energy Solutions" and on Wednesday it was about "Perspectives for a Green Future". The proven specialist group presentations were not neglected either.

The ChemSlam, in which four slammers presented a scientific topic in a generally understandable way in ten minutes and the public evening lecture by the physicist and science journalist Prof. Harald Lesch, was open to all interested parties.

You can find a detailed summary on Chemistry Views and some impressions on Twitter.

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