Georg Manecke Foundation

Georg Manecke Foundation

2. Oktober 2019, FU Berlin, Verleihung des Georg-Manecke-Preises.
v.l.n.r.: B. Köhler, GDCh, B. Voit, Laudatorin, J. Thiele, Preisträger, N.Manecke, Stifterin, Frau Thiele und T. Gotszalk, Neffe der Preisträgerin

In 1999, the non-independent, non-profit Georg Manecke Foundation was set up at the GDCh by the widow of the namesake Nina Manecke (1921 - 2024) to pave the way for young scientists to pursue their professional futures. By establishing the foundation, the founder wanted to help promote young scientists in her husband's fields of work in his spirit.

Georg Manecke's (1916 - 1990) interest was in preparative macromolecular chemistry and the practical application of macromolecular substances, especially for biochemical and biotechnical purposes.

The foundation will award the Georg Manecke Prize to natural scientists with doctorates or equivalent qualifications who are pursuing a further scientific career in basic or applied research and who, as a rule, have not yet completed their habilitation, and the Georg Manecke Scholarship to foreign scientists, preferably from Eastern Europe and Asia, to support their research stays at German universities or other scientific institutions, if possible annually.

Awarded the Georg Manecke Prize

2000 Brigitte Voit, Dresden
2003 Jörg Tiller, Freiburg
2007 Andrij Pich, Dresden
2012 Leonid Ionov, Dresden
2014 Frederik Wurm, Mainz
2016 Sebastian Kruss, Göttingen
2019 Julian Thiele, Dresden

Awarded the Georg Manecke Scholarship

2001 Eva Lichnerova, Bratislava, Slovakia
2006 Eliska Svobodova, Pardubice/ Czech Republic
2010 Nadiya Solomko, Lviv/Ukraine

Board of Trustees

GDCh Executive Director: Prof. Dr. Wolfram KOCH, Frankfurt a. M. (Chair)
Prof. Dr. Katharina LANDFESTER, Mainz
Prof. Dr. Rainer HAAG, Berlin

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Helmut RITTER, Düsseldorf
Prof. Dr. Brigitte VOIT, Dresden
Prof. Dr. Eckhard OTTOW, Berlin


Dr. Jasmin Herr
Varrentrappstr. 40 - 42
60486 Frankfurt aM
Tel. +49 69 7917-323
Fax +49 69 7917-1323


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