Plus-MINT - the support program for top talent

Children and young people are full of interests and talents - also in the areas of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology (MINT). Today, special talents are promoted at selected plus-MINT boarding schools throughout Germany, not least thanks to the numerous sponsors and cooperation partners from science and industry who have supported this initiative since 2015.

The aim of plus-MINT is to find TOP talents in the MINT area nationwide and to optimally promote their skills in a four-year program up to the Abitur. Boarding schools are the perfect places for this: They offer young people a lively place to learn and live. The pupils are given time and space to develop their own interests and talents and to grow into strong personalities. Dr. Peter Rösner, initiator of plus-MINT and chairman of the sponsoring association, emphasizes: ?By bringing the most talented girls and boys together, a new group dynamic arises in the promotion of gifted children. While individuals at their school are usually best in their class and may even have negative experiences as a result, they meet like-minded people at the plus-MINT boarding school: They spur and spur one another on, which brings everyone forward! "

The plus-MINT program promotes young talents just as consistently as football does with its 54 youth training centers in Germany. Holistic top-class promotion is recognized in the field of sport and music, and the MINT Talent Promotion Association has transferred this model to the MINT area with its program.

The focus of the plus-MINT program is the idea of equal opportunities, because through scholarships the support is independent of the social status of the parents. Dr. Rösner emphasizes: ?I am convinced that the basic right to free education in Germany should actually be a right to free, adequate education. On the one hand, this applies to children who need a lot of support - and also to children who we call top talents. Promoting talent is for the good of society as a whole, because it will be top talents who will make important inventions, found companies and secure our prosperity in the future. "

The promotion of talent in the boarding schools is not limited to academic education: It takes place in everyday life, so that it is also about personality and character development and about experiencing yourself as an active member of a strong community. Values and virtues are just as important as life skills, responsibility, creativity and internationality.

The project, which started a good five years ago, is now well established nationwide: Talented boys and girls can currently have their special at six boarding schools in Germany (Birklehof boarding school, Hermann Lietz school Haubinda, Louisenlund Foundation, Sankt Afra, Steinmühle boarding school, Pforta state school) Advancing skills. In the long term, there should be at least one offer with this plus-MINT program in almost every federal state.


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