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The GDCh is a non-profit association, integrated into a worldwide network of similarly operating companies. Members strengthen society in its commitment to the molecular sciences, especially chemistry, and enjoy a wealth of services in the process.

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Our Division fees

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Bilateral cooperation agreements

The GDCh has signed bilateral cooperation agreements with some foreign chemical companies. The cooperation of the societies gives the members certain advantages. more

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Membership can be terminated by giving written notice at the end of the year.


German Chemical Society eV
Member service
P.O. Box 900440
60444 Frankfurt Fax: +49 69 7917-374

Service telephone

Silke Fischer
Phone: +49 69 7917-335

Marina Hahn
Phone: +49 69 7917-334

Heike Herrmann
Phone: +49 69 7917-372

Petra Krämer
Phone: +49 69 7917-367

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