The GDCh is the second largest member of the European Chemical Society (EuChemS).

EuChemS is an amalgamation of scientific specialist societies and professional associations from the field of chemistry. It currently includes 46 companies from Europe, representing a total of more than 160,000 chemists across Europe. In addition to the GDCh, the German Bunsen Society is also represented in the EuChemS.

The EuChemS is the successor organization of the Federation of European Chemical Societies (FECS), which was founded in 1970 with the major contribution of the GDCh.

The scientific activity of EuChemS, in particular conferences, networking, etc., is guaranteed by the relevant divisions and working parties. The GDCh sends German representatives to these bodies.

  • The office office is based in Brussels.
    The Managing Directors is incumbent on Dr. Nineta Hrastelj.
  • Prof. Floris Rutjes has held the office of President since January 2021. The GDCh Executive Director, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Koch, represents the GDCh on the EuChemS Executive Board, the highest decision-making body that meets several times a year between the annual general meetings.


  • One of the main activities of EuChemS is the implementation of the EuChemS Chemistry Congresses (ECC), which take place every two years. The first congress met in Budapest in August 2006 and was an instant success. This was followed by Turin in 2008, Nuremberg in 2010, Prague in 2012, Istanbul in 2014, Seville in 2016 and Liverpool in 2018.

    The eighth congress - ECC8 - will take place in 2022.

  • The Brussels News Update appears monthly, in which information on chemicals from the EU Commission, the EU Parliament and other bodies is reported.
  • The EuChemS newsletter appears four times a year.
  • EuChemS publishes an annual report every year.
  • EuChemS awards prizes.
  • It supports congresses and events of its partner companies.

EuChemS Annual Yearbooks

You can find out more about the EuChemS activities in the
annual year books.

Make friends with EuChemS

You cannot personally become a member of EuChemS because direct members are the European chemical and molecular societies. Never mind, because: You can now become a friend of EuCheMS.

Commemoration of April 22, 1914

The EuChemS positioned itself on the occasion of the memorial day:
Chemists against Chemical Weapons.
On April 22, 1914, during World War I in Ypres / Belgium
used poison gas for the first time.

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