Joseph König Commemorative Medal

Joseph König Commemorative Medal


  • Subject: food chemistry
  • Consists of: 7,500 euros, bronze medal, certificate
  • First awarded: 1934
  • Awarded in: Odd years

The price is currently advertised.

Required nomination documents: Short justification, CV and publication list with the top 10 publications
Deadline: 15 September 2024
Nomination form

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§1 of the Award Regulations for the "Joseph König Commemorative Medal"

In memory of the Privy Councilor Professor Dr. Dr.-Ing. eh dr phil. of course hc dr agr. hc Dr. medical hc Joseph König (1843-1930), the deserving doyen of food chemistry, the Association of German Food Chemists in 1934



The commemorative coin is made of bronze and shows a relief of Joseph König with his name designed by Prof. August Henneberger on the front. The name of the winner and the year of the award are engraved on the back.

The presentation of the "Joseph König Commemorative MEDAL" is currently with a cash prize of
7,500 euros connected.

Since 1951, the GDCh Board has awarded the bronze commemorative coin to individuals who have made special contributions to scientific development and the promotion and recognition of food chemistry .

awardee 2023 - Thomas Henle, TU Dresden

The GDCh recognizes Professor Henle for his outstanding achievements in promoting food chemistry , both nationally and internationally. His seminal work on chemical changes during food processing, particularly under high pressure, advanced the field. In addition, he has gained international recognition for his research on the physiological importance of protein modifications and bioactive peptides, particularly in the context of hypertension. Prof. Henle also made a significant contribution to the development of the Food Chemical Society by being active on the Board and serving as Chair from 2005 to 2010.

More information about Professor Henle

Distinguished people since 1934

2023 Thomas Henle, Dresden University of Technology
2019 Lothar W. Kroh, Berlin
2017 Reiner Wittkowski, Berlin
2015 Wolfgang Schwack, Hohenheim
2013 Elke Anklam, Geel/Belgium
2011 Alphons GJ Voragen, Wageningen/Netherlands
2009 Gerhard Eisenbrand, Kaiserslautern
2007 Peter Schieberle, Munich
2005 Hans Steinhart, Hamburg
2000 Armin Mosandl, Frankfurt am Main
1999 Eberhard Ludwig, Dresden
1998 Werner Grosch, Munich
1995 Wolfgang Specht, Hamburg
1994 Claus Franzke, Berlin
1993 Ulrich Freimuth, Dresden
1992 Hans-Peter Thier, Munster
1990 Werner Baltes, Berlin
1988 Hans-Dieter Belitz, Munich
1986 Hans Lange, Frankfurt a. M
1980 Ludwig Acker, Munster
1977 Kurt Heyns, Hamburg
1976 Rudi Franck, Berlin
1974 Friedrich Kiermeier, Munich
1972 Rudolf Heiss, Munich
1966 Joseph Eisenbrand, Saarbrucken
1963 Josef Schormüller, Berlin
1960 Jan Frans Reith, Utrecht/Netherlands
1957 August Bruening, Munster
1955 Friedrich Egger, Mannheim
1953 Otto Högl, Bern/Switzerland
1952 Constant Griebel, Berlin
1951 Willibald Diemair, Frankfurt a. M

awardee of the German Chemical Society

1945 Benno Bleyer, Munich
1944 Heinrich Fincke, Cologne
1943 Karl Wrede, Gießen

Hugo Haupt, Bautzen

Friedrich Nottbohm, Hamburg


F. Haertel, Leipzig
Otto Koepke, Berlin
Franz Litterscheid, Hamm


G. Kappeller, Magdeburg
Walter Petri, Koblenz
Josef Tillmanns, Frankfurt a. M
J. Werder, Zurich/Switzerland


Adolf Beithien, Dresden
Aloys Bömer, Munster
Wilhelm Fresenius, Wiesbaden
Adolf Juckenack, Berlin

selection committee

Prof. Dr. Elke Richling, Technical University of Kaiserslautern (lead management)
Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer, University of Hamburg
Prof. Dr. Marcus Glomb, University of Halle-Wittenberg
Prof. Dr. Gerd Hamscher, Justus Liebig University Gießen
dr Claudia Herles, Dresden State Directorate

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