Heinz Schmidkunz Prize

Heinz Schmidkunz Prize


  • Subject: didactics of chemistry
  • Consists of: 7,500 euros, certificate
  • First awarded: 2015
  • Awarded in: Odd years

The Heinz Schmidkunz Prize is awarded to personalities who have made particular contributions to research in chemistry education, the training of chemistry teachers and Chemical Education in schools. The award's namesake, Heinz Schmidkunz, set standards through his scientific research into the development of practical chemistry lessons, the implementation of school experiments according to the laws of perceptual psychology and the design of research-based teaching methods.

Prize winner 2019 - Walter Jansen, Flensburg

Professor Walter Jansen received the Heinz Schmidkunz Prize in recognition of his fundamental research work in the field of experimental-conceptually-oriented subject didactics. Particularly noteworthy is the establishment of the historically problem-oriented teaching method as well as his fundamental academic and subject-didactic research work in the fields of Electrochemistry and reaction kinetics. With innovative experiments and teaching concepts, he has succeeded in establishing these subject areas in the curricula. Through his outstanding commitment to the promotion of young scientists and his scientific work - for elementary school, secondary level I and II up to university education - he has conveyed these topics vividly to generations of pupils and teachers, which makes the concept of sustainability from chemical didactic Perspective has reached a new dimension.

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Distinguished people since 2015

2019 Walter Jansen, Flensburg
2017 Marco Oetken, Freiburg
2015 Michael Tausch, Wuppertal

selection committee

Prof. Dr. Insa Melle, Technical University of Dortmund (lead management)
Hours. Silvia Beckhaus, Oldenburg High School
Marco Kapitzke, JCF Berlin
Prof. Dr. Marco Oetken, PH Freiburg
dr Marco Rossow, Reppenstedt
Prof. Dr. Hans-Günther Schmalz, University of Cologne

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