Fluorine F

Fluorine is the most electronegative of all elements and forms compounds with most other elements in which the fluorine is always in the -1 oxidation state. The video above shows the reactivity of fluorine and gives some information about this element. Further information (in German) on fluorine can be found here. Elemental fluorine is very toxic, but some of its compounds, such as sodium fluoride, are added as additives in toothpaste. Table salt is also often mixed with fluorine-containing minerals.

Here she explains why Véronique Gouverneur, Professor at the University of Oxford (UK) is enthusiastic about fluorine.


The halogens form the 17th group of the periodic table. They include fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and the radioactive astatine.

A few years ago, Tennes, which does not occur naturally, was added as an element with the number 117. Tennes was first artificially created a few years ago at the Dubna nuclear research center near Moscow. Its name refers to the US state of Tennessee, which is home to another research center, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where various heavy elements were artificially produced.

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