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Bromine compounds were already used in ancient times. The bromine-containing dye purple was very valuable and therefore reserved for the nobility and clergy. In the last century, bromine compounds have been widely used as flame retardants. Today bromine is used in research, Medicine and batteries. To the article about bromine on the Fascination Chemistry website

Besides mercury, bromine is the only element that is liquid at room temperature. Bromine is poisonous! It causes severe burns if it gets on the skin or if inhaled. Therefore, only competent persons should handle bromine. If you want to watch some experiments with bromine without any risk, you can do so in %20%20" target="_blank">this video from Chemie-simpleclub and learn a lot about the properties of bromine.


The halogens form the 17th group of the periodic table. They include fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and the radioactive astatine.

Tennes, which does not occur naturally, was added a few years ago as element number 117. Tennes was first artificially generated a few years ago at the Dubna Nuclear Research Center near Moscow. Its name refers to the US state of Tennessee, home to another research center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where various heavy elements have been synthesized.

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