Sulfur S

Sulfur and its compounds are not only one of the most important raw materials for the chemical industry, they also offer an astonishing variety of structures. Sulfur can form both negatively and positively charged ions and is an exciting field of research because of its many homoatomic compounds. To the article about sulfur on the website Fascination Chemistry.

Why sulfur is often associated with stench and what exactly stinks is explained in this video by Chemie-simpleclub. And the nice reaction when you mix zinc and sulfur and ignite is shown in this video. There is also a video about sulfur in the ChemistryViews video competition.

Why sulfur is the favorite element of Prof. Dr. Tien ? Yau Luh, see the post "In My Element" by Chemistry.

Oxygen group (chalcogens)

The 16th group of the periodic table is named after its first element as an oxygen group or also as a chalcogen (translated from the Greek "ore-forming"). This group includes the elements oxygen, sulfur, selenium, tellurium, radioactive polonium and artificial produced livermorium.

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