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No life without oxygen: Oxygen is the most common element on earth. One fifth of our air consists of oxygen, almost half of the earth's crust and 86% of the oceans. At the same time, oxygen is one of the most important industrial chemicals. To the article about oxygen on the website Fascination Chemistry.

Oxygen and hydrogen result in the famous oxyhydrogen reaction, which is so called because it makes a big bang. This creates water, H 2 O. There are many beautiful videos of this, for example here and here.

If you like it a little more scientific and still don't want to miss out on a bang, here is the Oxygen video from the Periodic Videos series with some nice experiments.

Is there a reason to throw iron in liquid oxygen? Not really, but Martyn Poliakoff and his team did it anyway and produced a nice video in the process.

You can also listen to oxygen in two and a half minutes on the Deutschlandfunk Kultur podcast.

The importance of oxygen for Prof. Dr. CNR Rao has, you can check out the ChemistryViews series, I n My Element: Oxygen.

Oxygen group (chalcogens)

The 16th group of the periodic table is named after its first element as an oxygen group or also as a chalcogen (translated from the Greek "ore-forming"). This group includes the elements oxygen, sulfur, selenium, tellurium, radioactive polonium and artificial produced livermorium.

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