Iron Fe

Iron is not only found in the earth's core, but is also one of the most common elements on the earth's surface. Even in early human history, iron was used in the form of tools, weapons or other objects. Iron compounds are also involved in a large number of vital processes in the human body. To the article about iron on the website FaszinationChemie.

Is there a reason to throw iron in liquid oxygen? Not really, but Martyn Poliakoff and his team did it anyway and produced a nice video in the process. And there is an impressive thermite reaction in the video on iron, and it is not without reason that it takes place outdoors.

You can also hear more about iron in the Deutschlandfunk Kultur podcast.

Iron group

The 8th group of the periodic table is also known as the iron group after its lightest element iron. It contains the metals iron, ruthenium, osmium and the artificially produced hassium, which was discovered in Darmstadt and named after the state of Hesse.

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