Manganese Mn

Elemental manganese is used as an alloy component of steel and its dioxide in batteries. Manganese is also an essential element for all living things because it is the central atom of vital enzymes in humans, animals and plants. To the article about manganese on the website FaszinationChemie.

In the ChemistryViews series In My Element: Manganese, Prof. Dr. Martin, what excites him so much about manganese.

Manganese group

The 7th group of the periodic table contains the elements manganese, technetium, rhenium and the artificially produced element Bohrium (named after the physicist Niels Bohr). The group is also known as the manganese group after its first member. All elements are metals that occur in the oxidation states +2, +3, +4, +6 and +7.

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Photo credits: Pure (99.99%) manganese chips, electrolytically refined, typically superficially oxidized in the air, as well as a pure (99.99% = 4N) 1 cm 3 manganese cube for size comparison.
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