Molybdenum Mo

An element for catalysis - this is how one could describe molybdenum. Its compounds not only serve as a catalyst in industry and in research laboratories. As the active center of various enzymes, it also catalyzes important processes in human, animal and plant metabolism. Molybdenum is therefore an essential trace element for humans. To the post about   Molybdenum on the FaszinationChemie website.

Which connection Prof. Dr. Rinaldo Poli has to do with molybdenum, check out the ChemistryViews series In My Element: Molybdenum.

Chromium group

The 6th group of the periodic table contains the elements chromium, molybdenum, tungsten and the rather exotic seaborgium, which does not occur in nature. The group is also called the chromium group after the lightest member. All elements are metals and often occur in the oxidation states +2, +3 and +6). All elements of this group are used, among other things, for alloys.

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