Bismuth bi

Bismuth, or bismuth as it is often called in Germany, was discovered in the 14th century. It has been used as an alloy component since the 15th century to lower their melting point. Michael Ruck presents other current applications. To the article about bismuth on the Fascination Chemistry website.

Click here for the video about bismuth from the Periodic Videos series.

What bismuth did for Prof. Dr. Michael Ruck makes so special you can read in the article "In My Element" by ChemistryViews.

Nitrogen group

The nitrogen group includes the elements nitrogen, phosphorus, arsenic, antimony, bismuth and the artificially produced radioactive moscovium. While nitrogen is a gaseous substance, phosphorus already occurs in several solid modifications. Arsenic is a semi-metal, while antimony and bismuth are metallic.

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Photo: Michael Ruck, TU Dresden

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