Tin Sn

Pewter has been used for millennia and is the source of all sorts of curious stories. But it also fascinates with its unusual chemical properties. It is used in superconducting alloys such as Nb 3 Sn, and its oxide ?ITO? (Indium-Tin-Oxide) is found in light-emitting diodes, touchscreens and solar cells.

To the article about tin in fascination chemistry, an offer of the GDCh.

In the Periodic Videos series, Sir Martyn Poliakoff shows what you can do with tin and what happens when you hold tin in a flame.

Carbon group

The 14th group of the periodic table is also called the carbon group after its most important lightest element. It contains the elements carbon and silicon, which occur frequently in nature, the semi-metal germanium, the metals tin and lead and the only artificially produced element 114 Flerovium, which was named after the Russian physicist Georgi Fljorow.

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Photo: Alpha and Beta tin: Photo credits : Alchemist-hp www.pse-mendelejew.de), Sn-Alpha-Beta,CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

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