Gallium Ga

The existence of this metal, which already becomes liquid at 29 degrees, was predicted by Mendeleev in his theory of the periodic table. Its potential remained undiscovered for a long time, but today gallium is an important component of semiconductor materials due to its special properties.

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Because of its low melting point, gallium can be melted by hand. But you shouldn't necessarily do that. There are enough people who have already done that and have put videos on the Internet, for example this video. The effect can also be seen in the Gallium video from the Periodic Videos series.

Boron group

The 13th group of the periodic table is also called the boron group after its lightest element. This group includes the elements boron, aluminum, gallium, indium , thallium and nihonium, which was only recently confirmed as element 113.

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Photo: Liquid gallium droplets on a glass slide at 23 ° C (Andreas Schnepf, Univ. Tübingen)

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